Through The Tunnel Short Story

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Going on a vacation to a beautiful beach, just to lay back. Doesn’t that sound like The most relaxing thing ever? Just like in this short story called “Through the tunnel”, and it is written by Dorris Lossing. This short story is about a growing little boy named Jerry. He is determined to go through a tunnel on his own to prove to his mother that he is growing and mature. In this quest to get through the tunnel, Jerry faces a lot of obstacles that involves the setting. The setting of this story impacts the story in many ways, such as the characters, the plot and through symbolism. One of the first ways that the setting has an impact on the setting involves the characters. For example, Jerry feels challenged by the tunnel at the bay, he really wants to prove to himself that he can go through the tunnel, and make it out the other side. He knows that he will have to learn how to control his breathing under water in order to get through the tunnel. “First, he thought he must learn to control his breathing under water” (4). What he means by learning how to control his breathing is, he will have to hold his…show more content…
For example, Jerry going through the tunnel symbolizes his growing, and maturing. The tunnel represents growing, and maturity because the little boy Jerry, wants to prove to his mother that he is not a little boy anymore, and that he is grown, so that is why he went through the tunnel on his own, and without telling his mother, because he knows that she will not let him go on his own. (2). This is important to the story because it shows that every parent has to let their child grow up one day. The tunnel shows symbolism in this story too. The tunnel symbolizes an obstacle. This is important to the story because, everyone faces obstacles in life, and if you don't get by them, they will keep pulling you back. But once you accomplish them you’ll feel much better about life
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