Thunder And Prey

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Thunder and Prey Have you ever been hunted? These characters know the feeling. There are both similarities and differences between the two stories “A Sound of Thunder” and “Being Prey”. The characters in both stories experience the feelings of being hunted, feelings of panic, and feelings of uncertainty. There are differences between setting, theme and conflict; though the stories also have similarities in those ways as well.
The settings for the stories “A Sound of Thunder” and “Being Prey” are similar and different. The settings are similar because the stories both take place in the jungle/marsh. “Don’t touch so much as one grass blade, flower, or tree.” This quote from “A Sound of Thunder” shows that the setting is in the jungle while
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The conflict in “A Sound Of Thunder” was that Eckles did not listen and became prey to the t-rex. Also, Eckels went off of the designated land and changed the future. “Okay, Eckels, get out. Don’t ever come back.” This quote from “A Sound of Thunder” shows that the conflicts resulted in Eckels having to face the consequences for his actions. In “Being Prey” the conflict was that Plumwood did not take good advice and became prey to a crocodile. “I was alone, severely injured, and many miles from help.” This quote from “Being Prey” also shows that Plumwood payed her dues and faced the consequences for not following the ranger’s advice to stay out of the channel. These two conflicts are similar because they were caused by not listening. The conflicts are different because they were affected by the setting and inner conflicts of the story and characters. An example of this is when Eckles panicked and went off of the designated piece of land.
The theme is the same for both of the stories. The quotes describing the conflict also revolve around the theme, proving that the stories are similar in more ways than one. The theme is “There are consequences for every action.” The theme is developed through the character’s lives. Both Eckles and Plumwood became prey. Though the theme is the same the things the characters learned were different, such as not to panic or not following good advice.
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