Thunder Hear My Cry Courage

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We have to have courage when things get hard, even if no good comes from it. During reading the novel, “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry”, Mildred D. Taylor explains how a nine year old girl shows courage throughout the book. Mildred shows Cassie’s courage by writing about how Cassie stood up for her little brother, how she stood up for her rights at Strawberry, and how Cassie was always there for T.J., even though T.J. was a bad person. These points show how Cassie proved her courageousness to her family, friends, and the readers.
“Whip!” Cassie stood up for her brother, but the consequence was not so good. Cassie got whipped for following her convictions, and I think that is not right. It took great courage for Cassie to do this, even though she knew the outcome would not be good. In the novel, it shows how Cassie is courageous. It says, “Miz Crocker, don’t please!” (Mildred Taylor, pg. 26) This evidence shows how Cassie didn’t want her brother to get in trouble for standing up for his convictions. The book also says, “I don’t want my book neither.” (Mildred Taylor, pg. 27)
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That would be very hard, but Cassie showed courage. To show how Cassie stood up, the book says, “We been waiting on you for near and hour’ I hissed, ‘while you ‘round here waiting on everybody else. And it ain’t fair.” (Mildred Taylor, pg. 111) this evidence show show Cassie knew that it was not right for Mr. Barnett to serve other people before them. Another part in the book shows how Cassie had to take courage in Strawberry. It says, “I think you forgot, but you was waiting on us ‘fore you was waiting on this girl here, and we been waiting a good while now for you to get back.” (Mildred Taylor, pg. 111) This explains that in order for Cassie to follow her convictions, she must stand up for herself. Even if it’s hard sometimes, and you might have to stand up to an angry man, you have to have courage to follow your
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