A Thunderous Whisper Summary

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The novel, A Thunderous Whisper, composed by Christina Diaz Gonzalez is a historical fiction book and written in first person point of view. It is set during the time period of the Spanish Civil War in Guernica, Spain. In the midst of all the chaos due to the war, the story is based on a twelve-year-old girl, Ani, who tries to find in such a big world. She is told by her mother that she is unimportant to the world and just another daughter of a sardinera and a merchant. Ani’s father, however, has been sent to fight in the war and the daughter is left with her mother who barely gives her affection and attention like her father had. One day Ani meets this boy named, Mathias, who becomes her only best friend ever and they find out that Mathias’s…show more content…
The war had left many places vulnerable, filled with heaps of debris, and destroyed with no sight of life. Attacks on different cities in Spain had demolished homes that people once lived, filled with many memories. Many family members were lost and missed due to the war. The author also briefly points out a historical figure, Francisco Franco, who successfully led a military revolt and won the Spanish Civil War, which caused him to rise to power and become the ruler over Spain as a dictator. Christina Diaz Gonzalez had implied the brutal dictatorship under Franco and the drastic changes that had occurred. Christina Diaz Gonzalez momentarily mentioned the dictatorship and ruling of Hitler on Germany. Since Mathias was part Jewish Gonzalez had Mathias explain the cruelty and suffering that had been inflicted on the Jews. Hitler took away liberty, freedom, and self-identity from the Jews and imposed many inhumane acts upon them. Within the book, Gonzalez had quickly stated two historical figures, who ruled with a brutal dictatorship, that was present during the time period the book was set and their impact on their
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