Thunderbird: A Fictional Narrative

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Tommy sat in his Thunderbird, listening to the beat of jackhammers beating the Chicago sidewalks at noon. “Why is Al taking so long?” Tommy asked himself. Tommy got out of his car and got onto the sidewalk to enter Tso’s Food and Deli, walking through the restaurant he could smell the savory Gong Bao chicken. He entered a back door and saw a mob man who went by the name of Big Bill. Next to Bill was Al sitting handcuffed. “Billy Boy why don’t you uncuff my boy Al here and I won’t pull out my Wesson 49 on ya” Tommy enforced. “What makes you think that I don’t got a Colt on me? Or maybe I have some back-, some gangsters out in the street?” Bill hinted. Tommy got impatient, pulling out his gun he yelled “Un-cuff him! Or I'll make a ruckus up in this house!”…show more content…
I’ll let him go, by the way, have you heard of a Fred Lucchese maybe?” “Fat Fred? Why would I tell you a thing about him?” “Nevermind” stuttered Bill, “Just leave and don’t come back around here.” Al and Tommy walked their way back to the Thunderbird. “What was that about?” Asked Tommy. “Ah nothin’, Billy Boy got a little excited when he inter-, discussed business with me, that's all” explained Al. “You sure? You looked comfortable talking to him.” “Shut up, I would never hold a thing back from ya.” “Yeah, sure” Tommy hesitated. “Anyway’s can you drop me off at my mom’s?” Al requested. “Sure, she lives in Englewood,
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