Thunderbowl Character Analysis

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Thunderbowl “ Can I buy you a beer?’ This quote is said by Suzanne in reference to the novel Thunderbowl by Lesley Choyce. Suzanne is saying this to Jeremy because he is at the club. He is a lead guitarist in a band called Thunderbowl, and she buys him a beer because she thinks he is twenty one. The club only lets people who are twenty one and older in, but since he is in the band, he had to lie about his age. The club where he plays ,and met Suzanne is called The Dungeon. The Puritans would despise this novel Thunderbowl because of the characters do not respect their authority, law breaking characters,and the characters lead sinful lives. Jeremy would not listen to his parents. His dad told him to quit the band,and he did not quit. Jeremy does not care about what his parents are telling him about being realistic with life choices. He told his parents that he is quitting school to go and work with the band,so they can live one day. Jeremy does not want to do school because he thinks it’s a waste of time. His mother wants him to focus on getting good grades. His dad does not…show more content…
Jeremy and his band have done some bad things,and did not get caught yet. The Dungeon where they play at is for twenty one and older. Jeremy should not be there because he is sixteen. He lied to the owner of the club so them he can get in with the band to play. There was a girl he saw,and went over to say hi,when she ordered him a beer. The girl's name was Suzanne. Jeremy never had a drink before. He was drinking underage without know one knowing it. His band gets called up on stage,and he wobbles getting up their. The band plays some songs ,and then they pack up. When they pack up the other band comes over,and says something to the lead guitarist. The two guys start fighting with their fists. The other band members try to break up the fight. These fights have to stop says
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