Thurgood Marshall Role Model

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Thurgood Marshall As the first African-American justice of the Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall greatly influenced future generations of black people. His ancestors faced several hardships as slaves, but he was able to accomplish a lot. Marshall was brilliant as a child, but constantly got rejected because of his race. However, these discriminatory ridicules didn’t stop him from chasing after his dreams. This gave several African-Americans the sense that they could do anything and the only thing racism could do is motivate them. The job of a Supreme Court justice requires a tremendous amount of work and motivation and being of his color didn’t make it any easier. Despite the prejudicial challenges he faced, he still accomplished his goals…show more content…
He took part in the creation of Israel, which led him to this. He was very important to the relationship between Israel and Palestine. Bunche received several huge opportunities, like when President Truman offered him to become an assistant of the secretary. Although he rejected the offer because of the segregation in Washington D.C., he still made huge advancements because of his determination. One of the big achievements he made for the African-Americans was leading the civil rights march with Martin Luther King. The black people who suffered from segregation and discrimination viewed him as a leader and role model. He showed black people that they can accomplish what they want and push through their obstacles in life if they truly want to achieve something and make a difference.

Sojourner Truth Being a female, black slave did not make Sojourner Truth’s life easy or simple. She was born into slavery, but later escaped with her daughter. She was a women's’ rights activist, which influenced several women to fight for their freedoms and rights. She devoted her life to the abolition of slavery; Truth was determined to end slavery and discrimination. She brought dignity and strength upon black women. Truth was also one of the few people who escaped slavery and later became a powerful, civil rights activist.

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