Tia Chuccha Poem

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Have you ever dreamed of the future when you are young? Have you ever had a dream job that you really want to do? Sometime, all of those dreams just disappear when you grow up. Those things that you could do when you were young but it is weird to do right now. The reason that you think it is weird is because people tell you, isn’t it? Even though some of them don’t even have a reason not to do. Why do you have to listen to those people? Why you can’t be unique and be yourself? And there are some people that want to tell you that you don’t always have to follow the rules that people created by themselves, too. Luis Rodriguez and William Carlos Williams are trying to communicate with you through these unique poems. Tia Chucha and…show more content…
Tia Chucha by Luis Rodriguez is a poem about his aunt because Tia means aunt in Spanish. The speaker of this poem has to be her nephew and family member because he called her “aunt” and referred him as “us” which is mean he is one of the family member. The title is Tia Chucha, so this poem is all about his aunt. For Danse Russe by William Carlos Williams is a poem about the man dancing naked in his room while their family and babysitter are sleeping The speaker is the man who is dancing himself. The title is Danse Russe which is French that means Russian Dance in English. It is a type of dance that mostly dance by stomping and bending knees, so I think that it is a happy mood dance. That is what that man is feeling at that time. The similarities of the content is both of them are doing what we call freedom. The thing that show themselves. The thing that people think it is weird. The differences are in Tia Chucha, the speaker is her nephew. She open herself to the world, go from places to places, live like what she wants to, doesn’t care how people think, and just live in her world but in Danse Russe, the speaker is himself. He does it when he is alone in the room, hide it from people, has responsibility of wife and child, and go out from the world he usually
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