Tia Monet Talton Nicknames

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When I was young, I had many nicknames; people would call me Little T or TT, but it always bothered me. It made me feel like my name wasn 't good enough to be called by my first name. I take a lot of pride in my identity; I love the fact that it is something that is mine, and it 's nothing anyone can take away. I feel like my name, Tia Monet Talton, represents me well. According to sheknows.com, Tia is Greek for “goddess.” When I think of a goddess, I think of a strong woman who is admired by many people. Over my life, I’ve been thrown into unfortunate situations in which I had to be strong. Dealing with school while my mom is battling cancer is one of those situations. Most days I find myself holding in tears at school and staying up…show more content…
According to babynamespedia.com, Monet is Old Greek for “single, only, hermit.” I am an only child, so I’m used to doing things on my own. As a child, I never had many friends and my parents were busy a lot. I had to entertain myself with puzzles, computer games, and arts and crafts. This loner lifestyle followed me throughout the years as I still pass time by sitting in my room, watching Netflix and YouTube videos. Sevenreflections.com says that having the name Talton means “you are prone to self-sacrifice. When I was younger, my cousins Lati and Gee were play fighting and broke my aunt’s picture frame. I saw the fear in my the fear in their eyes and we all knew that it would be the end for them. My aunt was livid and before she could pull off her belt, I told her that I accidentally knocked the frame over with my elbow. I was the youngest at the time, so she took a deep breath and cleaned up the mess without fussing. To this day, I continue to put others before myself. Even if it means I get in trouble. What 's in a name? A name is the only way that someone is identified from the time they are born until the day they die. It is exactly who someone is; a person 's name defines them before any other words they speak. A name is like a badge of honor. It proudly shows who you are, and it is something that no one could take that away from
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