Tiananmen Square Analysis

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2. Asian American History and Culture :Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square The above literary work is edited by Scott Wong, David Palumbo, Cathy Schlund and Linda Trinh. Baiyun a lead character in the novel joins the pro-democracy movements to vent out frustrations. Baiyun hails from a struggling family but worked hard to secure a place at the prestigious Beijing University. We are thus presented with Tiananmen Square as a place where society’s frustrations are heard and treated with the seriousness they deserve. Tiananmen Square is further shown as marking a damaging period in Chinese history. In the book, the authors present the little known aspirations of frustrated Chinese. Lisa Zhang is used as representative character who is nursing an ambition to study in the United States so as to earn a gateway to a better life. Tiananmen Square is projected as the final let out of a frustrated society in China. Tiananmen Square massacre is used to unearth how university settings are utilized to agitate for change and social empowerment. In the book, Lisa Zhang joins Student Democracy Movement which is hell-bent on protesting the authoritarian government and advocating for freedoms for all China. The Square is thus employed to underscore the role of higher learning institutions in shaping the future of political orders in a country. Universities are portrayed as grounds where a person drawn from all walks of life amalgamate. The Tiananmen Square protest is also a reaction to Cultural
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