Tibial-Fibular Fracture Case

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1: A tibial-fibular fracture is a fracture that not only includes the tibia, it also includes a fracture of the fibula located in the lower leg. 2: Nicole’s fracture is more likely to become infected due to the type of fracture that it is. The type of fracture that Nicole has is a compound fracture and with that, it’s piercing the skin. Due to the bacteria that is located on the skin it would be more susceptible to infection. 3: I believe they would look at the hyaline cartilage as it is the one that is found in children that are still growing. 4: The collar like shape of long bones help them withstand compressive stress by the mineral calcium phosphate. This mineral adds strength and hardness to the bone and makes them strong as well as how…show more content…
It’s filled with a substances known as synovial fluid that helps with lubrication to in which helps reduce friction between the femur and the tibia during flexing and extensions of the knee. The joint surfaces of the femur and tibia are covered with hyaline cartilage that also helps to reduce friction between the tibia and femur. 6: When there is a fracture a blood clot forms and when those blood vessels are ruptured it send out a signal for phagomatic cells to come to the area and rid the area of dying or damaged cells. Fibroblasts and osteoblasts to come to the area and help with releasing bone forming cells. Case # 2 1: A complete communicated fracture is a fracture that not has been broken in two but the bones have shattered into pieces. 2: Osteoporosis is decreased bone volume, some of the characteristics would include thinning of the outside layer of the compact bone by the epiphyses and the diaphysis. Over time the bone volume in an adult decreases however, it would be more prominent in someone that has osteoporosis. 3: The reason the doctor recommended that Margaret do weight bearing exercising is to help stimulate new bone growth and help with bone remodeling. 4: Osteoporosis is more common in older adults (women), and she is over the age of 65. She is a smoker. Studies suggest that women that are Causcasians are at greater

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