Tica Green Biography

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On January 22, 1972 in Winter Park Florida Tica Green was born. She is an only child to her mother. Tica is and has always been a religious person who practiced the Christian religion. Growing up she enjoyed reading and most if not all things that involved school. Every time she did any kind of activities after school, the activity would be volunteer work of some type of club for the students. She was not very interested in sports and never spent time after school trying to do athletic things. She did enjoy going outside to read, play, and get fresh air. Unlike Tica, I was very athletic in school. I loved getting out of school and go to cheerleading practice, dance practice, and even marksmanship practice. However, we both loved school and getting taught new things. We also liked to volunteer and have the same faith background.…show more content…
Sadly, I didn’t always have someone to play with because I was the only girl in the house other than my mother. One thing that Tica and myself did similar as children was playing with the dollhouse. When Tica was shearing her story she said that her and her cousin would “imitate” their mothers using the dolls. She said that they would do things like pretend that the dolls were sleeping and they would then get the dolls up and they would “drive” to work and things like that. Those are some of the thing that I would do with my dolls, the only difference would be me not using crayons as markers for where the street, sidewalks, and light polls were. A big difference in me and Tica’s childhood would have to be the technology. When I learned how to type, it was on a desktop keyboard, Tica learned how to type on a typewriter. That was really cool to me because I have never typed on a typewriter before. She also said that people just did not have computers in their homes, they were primarily at schools and used strictly for school
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