Tich Miller Poem

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Both 'Tich Miller ' and 'Partners ' have many different characteristics. However, both have a similar theme. 'Partners ' is a story about people splitting into pairs but one does not have a partner and just stands there, as if they never existed. The narrator gives a basic overview of the distribution of pairs, if there is an odd number or an unwanted person. 'Tich Miller ' is a story about a girl who was physically different than other kids, therefore, people never chose her to be on their team, so she was usually the last to get chosen. The story is told by another girl who normally is considered the better out of the two girls who gets chosen last. Furthermore, both poems use the theme of isolation when describing the situation of the chosen group activity, whether it is sports, or partner work, and can affect on the readers ' daily decisions, which can lead them to thinking about the consequences of their actions. The use of the word "alone" (from 'Partners ') evokes a feeling of lonesomeness and pity coming from the reader towards the character who is standing "alone". The quote "always the last two" (from 'Tich Miller ') refers to the idea of being chosen last which triggers an effect on the reader, making them feel like they made Tubby (the narrator) and Tich be the last to have been chosen, consequently feeling guilty. However, the viewpoint from the poem 'Tich Miller ', is different then the viewpoint in 'Partners ', where it is given from the narrator, who
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