Misunderstandings In Tourette

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Tourette is a mental disorder that is perceived to have dysfunction in the frontal lobes. This causes involuntary and uncontrollable repetitive actions such as behavior, thoughts, and vocalization. The involuntary and uncontrollable repetitive action is called “Tics” according to the documentary. However, the uncontrollable action can be suppressed but just for a short period of time. Doing the tics is a sense of relief for the people with Tourette. They feel that if they will not release their tic, it makes them uneasy. There is also a misinterpretation and misunderstanding to tics. People think that tic is an excuse to curse and hurt other people without the people with Tourette being blamed on. But this is not true for the reason…show more content…
Coprolalia is an involuntary swearing and cursing. Having this can cause a lot of misunderstanding around the people who do not have Tourette. Cursing constantly is not normal or taboo for other people. Others who do not know a person has Tourette with Coprolalia can interpret their actions like constantly swearing and inappropriate actions as crazy, trying to hurt them or violent. There is a danger for those people with Tourette especially if they have Coprolalia. While others avoid them, there are times that people will hurt them due to their ‘taboo’ cursing and actions. People who do not know their condition fight and hurt them because they feel they are mocked by the people having Tourette even though it was not intended. Misinterpretation and misunderstanding are usually the reason why the people with Tourette are in danger. Others avoid them so much it caused the people with Tourette feel vulnerable in the society. They already consider themselves as an outcast. As an outcast in the society, they rarely go outside their house to interact with other people. They are home-bound. They avoid interacting with other people due to being anxious that others will just misinterpret and misunderstand them. People with Tourette are distressed due to not feeling the sense of belongingness in the…show more content…
People see their condition as frightening and threatening. They see this due to thinking that the people with Trichotillomania are harming their self even though they are not. Misinterpretation and misunderstanding are usually the reason why the people with Trichotillomania are in danger especially with their selves. People with Trichotillomania fear of being found out. They distress over it. Having the fear of people finding out can make them isolated. People with the condition often want to just be alone to avoid being judged and found out. They also do not like to be touched because of their fear. In the documentary, Bethany said that she avoids swimming and horse playing because she is afraid that she will fall off and someone will notice the baldness in her head. She is anxious about looking her best that is why she always hides her baldness in public so that no one will find out. She also avoids close contact with other people especially haircutters for the reason that she is afraid that the haircutter will question about her
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