Tide Pools-Personal Narrative

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Last Thursday I had a very interesting experience. Oh, sorry, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am Maddie, and this is my slightly embarrassing story that is both wet, and wild!. It all began at Catalina when my group was going tide pooling…

“Yay, we’re going to the tide pools! I love tide pools!” I said to my friend Leah as we walked along the rocky shore.
We began to head toward the looming cliffs in front of us, where the pools were. Our group leader Amanda explained how we were finding crabs for the octopus, but we barely paid attention as we began to look under just about every movable rock in sight. Annoyingly though, every time somebody found a crab they would almost shriek “I found a crab!!!!”and jump away. However, Auston, a group member, had other plans. He was lifting over rocks that almost qualified to be boulders to find those skittering crabs.

In a
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The way back was full of my nervousness of falling again and the many “ Are you O.K” ‘s from my group. Mrs. Ibarra, my cabin group's leader, took me up to our cabin where as hastily as I could, I put dry clothes on. Before I entered the cabin, I was surprised by Mr. Lacey, the school principal. He had been looking in through the cabins to see if they had been properly cleaned. He asked if I was in Mrs. Ibarra’s group. I replied,”Yes?!” I was confused. But what he said next made me quite happy. He said that my group had the cleanest cabin he had ever seen! After I got dressed, I found that Mr. Lacey had already told Mrs. Ibarra. She was very proud and happy, and after my wet experience, this made me happy as well. The rest of my day was good, and I laughed when I heard that my friend, who had been kayaking that day, had a similar experience. She fell in while attempting to stand up in her kayak, and the remainder of her day was spent with a beach towel around her
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