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Tide predicting had been very important and useful to people who spend most of their time on the sea such as fisherman who’d used their skills on predicting the trend of the marine life to improve their catches as their continuity of livelihood depends on the sea. Different species of fish may located at different depth of sea. With the help of Admiralty of Tide Table, one may easily improve their catches knowing the absolute location of the sea with intense fish.
Next, it requires knowledge of the height of the tides at certain time to navigate the ship through intracoastal waterways, estuaries and shallow water ports as well as the tide’s direction. Compare to old days, current ship are mostly large in size and heavier. So it is very critical
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First of all, tides table might be differently formatted. Normally, every single chart or table will provide the date, time and height for high and low tide. Some table also provide the correction part for specific area. Generally, there are 3 basic steps to read the tide table. Firstly, understand the chart datum. Bear in mind that all tides will be measured against the define plane of reference, called the Chart Datum. Chart Datum is an essential reading of tide which state the average of low tide heights. It is also can be used to measure the depth of the sea. If the height of the tide is calculated in a specific location, and added to the chart datum, one can determine the true depth of water at a specific time. Next, Identify the information on high tide. The high tide will always be the larger number in any tide chart and some chart would put a plus sign before it. The number shown probably how high above chart datum would the tide be at the greatest swell. Let’s look into any example. In the given chart below the high tides are shown with the letter H in the High/Low column, in order to ease anyone who read it. As we can see, on Wednesday, July 19th the first high tide is expected to occur at 00:48 (12:48 AM) GTM and is indicated as 6.08. This means, that at its highest, the water will rise 6.08 feet above the average low water

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