Tides In The 1920s

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Waves go up, and they crash down. Sometimes those waves are colossal and scary, warning if a storm nearby; sometimes they are nice, and calming, making people on the beach relax while they surf those waves and tan in the sun. This is exactly how the 1920s - the Jazz Age unfolded. The Jazz Age was always at its scary high tides, and low, calming waves. The high tides included The Great Depression featuring Tom Buchanan, and the Dust Bowl. Moreover, on the bottom, the low tides were happier and friendlier tides. The low tides included The Harlem Renaissance, Movies, Great Inventions, and Fashion featuring Daisy, Myrtle, and Jordan, who also all had enticing social lives. These tides are what make history, and the future. The remarkable tides…show more content…
"NJ was the first Hollywood - and was where all the studios got started. These studios included; MGM, Fox, and Warner Brothers" (Nie). These were the big studios that made the waves even smoother.
Sports, however, were also prominent in the 1920s, making it “The Golden Age of Sports.” This age of sports was right after the First World War. The First World War was a mad one, and people didn’t want to hurt others, anymore. However, they wanted to get aggression out and show off how good they are like Jordan, who was a golfer. But she wasn’t that popular since she was the second wheel, like Nick.
The women in America, like Jordan, were now starting to get their freedoms, making the current go further. Women were now wanting to be an individual wave, making the water more diverse. The new diverse waters brought new fashion, along with film stars. The new fashion was more hip, loose, and revealing. This new fashion era brought a new type of woman(s) - The Flappers. These females were normally between the ages of 15 to 25. These young gals brought low skirt dresses, turtlenecks, and other silk clothing (Mitchell). The fashion was also descended, lovely, loose, and elegant (Cahill). The woman in this era did not just do them by themselves, they had role models and popularizers - like Daisy, Myrtle, and Jordan, had a male on their side. The Flappers, The Flappers. In his cartoons, he shows the women of this age - and how they act, and dress. This Tidal Wave is what makes the ocean sparkle with those cute feathered, and gold dresses - making it

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