Tidewater Flood Research Paper

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Flooding, constant down pours, and windy weather is so different from where I am from Charlottesville, VA than it is here in Norfolk, VA. Since I have been on campus its flooded so many times, I 've lost tract. Every time it rains it floods. I myself am not use to this type of weather yes it rains in Charlottesville but it doesn 't flood as bad as it does here in Norfolk. Hurricane Matthew was a big eye opener for me with the way it floods here in Norfolk, seeing pictures of a bridge completely flooded with water. I knew and was told since Norfolk is near the beach and or a water front city it will rain more than being at home which is just surrounded by mountains. The Tidewater area is very flat which is a problem because this is one of the reasons why it tends to flood when having heavy rain showers. Most of the city was said to be built on swamps and streams which helps me understand more why it floods here too. I had also read that the land has slowly been sinking for years now.…show more content…
Do to climate change and global warming the sea level is beginning to rise. "Norfolk 's water levels are up 1 1/2 feet since the 1920s." As a result, with the sea level rising storms and tides ruin and flood places. "Flooding is the most common, and most expensive, natural disaster in the United States." N.F.I.P was created in the 1960 's to help those that have damages done by flooding water from storms and hurricanes. This is kind of like Coastal Resilience the idea and goal to help and come back to life from flooding damaging waters. It 's basically projects that people or groups come up with to help others. Since living here and seeing what flooding waters can do it makes me want to do something too, to help pick up the pieces that were destroyed. This such act does take a lot of money but it is worth the time and effort. Only thing I still question is how much higher can a sea level

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