Operations Management Case Study: Tidewater Marine

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This assignment is a brief insight into Tidewater Marine, a company that offers cadet placements to CPUT Maritime Studies and Marine Engineering Students. We will be looking at the key aspect that make this company what it is.
The Location of Company Headquarters
The Tidewater Marine headquarters is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America. The company was founded in 1955.
Vision and Mission of Tidewater marine
Tidewater are committed to:
• Working Safely
Tidewater realise that operating safely and accident avoidance is in their hands- they see these as their responsibilities. They apply company guidelines and procedures so in that they are able to avert property damage and environmental mishaps.
• Minimizing environmental
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90 percent of their vessels work internationally with a minor 10 percent operating in national waters. Their fleet consists of anchor handling vessels, towing, supply and offshore tugs, crew change vessels for rigs and platforms, vessels that aid with rigs, construction projects (transporting supplies to and fro), cable laying, seismic work for mining, drilling and then other specialty work such as fire control and pollution control vessels. Their vessels range in size and capacity due to the various projects that Tidewater Marine take part in.
The Tidewater Marine core service and vessels
Tidewaters fleet is the largest fleet of OSVs in its industry, and the most versatile. With more than 300 vessels, highly trained and knowledgeable crews, and full tactical support, Tidewater marshals the resources to deliver a wide-ranging, high-quality, cost-effective services.
Tidewater is unmatched in its enthusiasm for developing highly specialised equipment to meet its clients’ demands. Tidewater as an example, was designated by U.S. Government to offer support in launching geo-stationary radar equipment for drug interdiction in the Gulf of Mexico. Their unique vessels are capable of supporting a wide range of specific marine applications, including but not limited
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As you have just read, they are the world leading provider of larger Offshore Service Vessels and are the most practised provider of marine support services for the offshore energy industry, as with all companies, Tidewater Marine is always looking for individuals with the experience, talent and dedication to join our crew. They have both marine and shore-based opportunities in various locations around the world, and are eager to hear from enthusiastic work seekers who are ready to help them continue setting industry standards for customer service, safety and environmental

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