Tien Dang

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The podcast I listened to is an Asian American Letter on Behalf of Black Lives where a young girl Tien Dang wrote letter to her family members and the Asian community to stand with black lives matter to educate them that not speaking out means that you supporting the violence and the system that oppresses black individuals. In the letter she mentions that may not have grown up around black people but she did and those are individuals that play an important aspect in her life such as friends, classmate, teammates, roommates that she considers family. She says that as an Asian community to stop comparing how they are different from blacks but rather empathize and stop blaming them because they are the victims. She also mentions how the media paints the image of how blacks are viewed thugs and criminals but instead of believing those perceptions they should be open minded and explore for themselves. As many immigrants might say if they can build a good life despite discrimination why can’t African Americans do the same, it’s because the system is against them it puts black people at the bottom. A statements that…show more content…
As a society we have to understand that the system oppresses certain individuals. One can be highly qualified for a job but not receive it because of their race. Black people work hard but they don’t make it as far as many other minorities it’s because of their race, the color of their skin inhibits them from achieving every goals they want to, the system is not in their favor. As learned in class Social justice and equality for all people should be of paramount importance. Society needs to stand against prejudice and make sure very member of the community is not discriminated against us. One should use their voice to speak for those who are socially disadvantaged in our
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