Tier 1: The Crimes Of Sex Offenders

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The term "sex offender" means an individual who was convicted of a sex offense. Research has shown that Sex offenders that commit a crime against a person has not previously been convicted of a violent offence before. They do these crimes unders a masks of a normal relationship. Most Sexual offences committed against the person are mostly perpetrated by family members and acquaintances, and the big majority of them are unreported. Not all crimes are the same because there is such a wide spectrum of sex crimes. The punishments vary widely, between states, from fines and counseling to life in prison. Sex Offenders can be categorized into three tiers according to federal law. A Tier is a level in which a Sex Offender is categorized based on his/her sex offense.…show more content…
It includes lesser sex crimes like, video voyeurism of a minor, lewdness, or non-violent sexual contact with anyone over 18 or possession or receipt of child pornography. Within Tier 1, there are also some more harmless offenses like urinating in public or streaking. If the offender with a Tier 1 has a clean record he/she may reduce the registration time from 15 to 10 years. It is required by law for sex offenders to appear in person every certain time to have a picture taken and verify registry information. Tier I sex offenders must appear every year, Tier II sex offenders every six month, and Tier III sex offenders every three months. Tier 2 are moderate risk offences. It includes those involve in sex trafficking, producing or distributing child pornography, or a non-forcible Sexual Act with a minor 16 or 17 years old). When a sex offence is done more than once and that is punishable by more than one year in jail, it’s automatically considered a Tier 2

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