Tier 3 Reflective Essay

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1. Being able to utilize organizational skills and time management, is a very important task in my current role as a Tier III Retail Escalation Consultant. The reason being is that, I have to ensure I am prioritizing task and that they are accomplished accurately and to the best of my ability the first time. This requires my full attention and to make certain that not only my thoughts are in order, but my words and actions as well. I practice this within my everyday work life as well as balancing these principal responsibilities within my home life as well. I delegate myself task on a daily basis to avoid missing deadlines. Additionally, using a schedule is another good way of how I organize my time. Apart from managing my organizational skills, I also have to manage my time diligently throughout the day. This would include being on time for work, going to scheduled lunch and breaks on time as well as returning from them. Making sure that I am caught up on all trainings and Regulation policies also helps me manage how my time is used and spent outside of my scheduled time off the phone. In my current position, we have an Average handle time to meet (AHT). Having an AHT allows me to do what is right for our customers in a timely manner, which I am currently meeting 100% to goal. Without meeting these expectations, I would…show more content…
I currently deal with escalated task quite often in my current role. It requires a lot of patience and being understanding to the concerns of the customers. Being challenged to find creative ways of solving problems gives me the opportunity to showcase my uniqueness and what I can bring to solve problems within my department. I find that a lot of times customer just want to know that we are understanding to their issues at hand and that they are more than just a number to us. I do not like leaving gaps when giving information and always want to make sure that we are both either in agreement or on the same page at the end of the
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