Tiesha Nakeya Williams Research Paper

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She was given as a gift from God to David and Tracey Williams on March 24, 199; they named her Tiesha Nakeya Williams, but she was given the name Nikki, meaning "victory of the people", by her family. As she grew older she owned the name Resilient Beauty. She 's from a really small town called Pittsview in Alabama. Christmas time is in the city, baby dolls, clothes, shoes, bikes, and more toys. Happy, she was. School was out and she 's on her way to spend time with her "cool" cousins. She was only 13 and considered herself a house mom because she cooked, cleaned, and looked after her little sister as her parents work. She attended church day in and day out. Whew, did she love the Lord! As she enters an unfamiliar scenery, she begins to try and fit it. The…show more content…
With such a great support system at home, the young lady did not allow the negativity to hinder her from being great. She remained an all A student. September 21st was her due date. Young and not knowing what to expect, she goes to the hospital but was sent home because it was not time for the baby’s arrival. She goes to school the next day and when she comes home from school she’s confused because she had not given birth. Around 11:30 PM that night she began to experience the pain. Contraction after contraction, the only thing she knew to do was call on Jesus. Her mom was by her side, while her dad waits in the waiting room, and Jesus sitting high, looking low soothing all the pain. Finally she 's in the room and her doctor was not on duty. She tells the nurses she 's not having a baby unless Dr. Malone is delivering it. Silly, cool, calm, collective, and high of the medications, she waits for the arrival of Dr. Malone to deliver her baby girl. Around 1:30 PM he comes in to say he was now on duty. At 142 PM, an angel on Earth had arrived with no complications or illness. It was truly God 's miraculous
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