Tiffany & Company Reward System

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Employee Consultation and Reward Systems: Tiffany&Co, as any other firm uses Reward systems; it includes commission and promotional schemes. When the human resources department identifies a talent, it seeks to nurture this talent. Another reward to the employees that may not be formally documented and put into a system is the highly mannered behavior towards the employees, eventually behavioral approach in which Tiffany&Co believe this to act as good motivators for their employees. This type of relationship stems from the culture of the UAE, guaranteeing its employees the best kind of respect, working hours and environment. In general, the money reward incentive is a basic reward system that motivates the employer into giving more into his work. An example of an interesting reward; Tiffany…show more content…
Tiffany & Co. is proud of its high proportion of long tenured employees. Many of their employees spend their entire careers working at Tiffany & Co. In 1948, the Company created the Twenty-Five Year Club to recognize these employees for their service and extend their spirit to all members of Tiffany & Co. Approximately 20% of their global employee base has worked for the Company for over 10 years. This important population helps preserve the legacy and traditions of Tiffany & Co., while integrating the next generation of employees into their Company. Although Tiffany & Co. works to ensure the long-term success of our employees, like any business, they do have annual turnover. They analyze voluntary turnover across our operations by geography and department to understand how they can better nurture talent. One more important thing that Tiffany&Co care about for their employees is health and Wellness. The health and well being of their employees and their families are important to Tiffany. Tiffany & Co. invests in their employees’ health by providing a variety of on-site educational and activity-based programs and services designed to help
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