Tiffany Holtzman Biography

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Biography for Tiffany Holtzman

Tiffany Holtzman is the founder and Board president of S.A.F.E. – Supplying Allergy Friendly and Emergency – Food Pantry. From her personal experiences with severe gluten intolerance, food allergies, and food intolerances, she wanted to turn her challenges into a way to help others with similar conditions.

Her nonprofit experiences started at age 13 when she volunteered with the American Red Cross in Brevard County, Florida as a receptionist. She expanded her skills to a service to military family caseworker along with acquiring disaster training and teaching others in CPR/First Aid and babysitting – all before graduating high school. During college, her love for the community expanded as she joined Circle K International, the collegiate form of Kiwanis International, and at her first meeting volunteered to chair Community Services and Awareness Week, an entire week dedicated to community awareness and volunteer projects. She was recognized by the Florida District as Outstanding Club Member for her work and elected to serve as Citrus Lieutenant Governor and the District’s Convention Chair. For her
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She will be starting the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition in the fall. She loves continuous learning and takes every opportunity possible to learn more about nonprofit management, board leadership, fundraising, nutrition, entrepreneurship, and other related
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