Tiger Conservation Proposal

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1. Project Tiger:- Project Tiger is a scheme centrally sponsored by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. This scheme covers around 47 tiger reserves located across more than 17 regions populated with tigers. Project Tiger mainly focuses on conducting assessments of number of tigers, their habitat, hunting habits, etc. All these activities are sanctioned by the Tiger Task Force. 2. Project Elephant:- The Project Elephant initiated by the Government of India in 1992 as a centrally sponsored scheme. The main objective of Project Elephant is to conserve elephants, their habitat, work for issues such as human-elephant conflict and look after the welfare of domestic elephants. 3. Crocodile Conservation Project:- The Crocodile Conservation Project launched in 1976, the main objective of this project is to protect the three most endangered species of crocodile: the fresh water crocodile, gharial and salt water crocodile. The Crocodile Conservation Project undertakes captive breeding of various species of crocodiles, looks after the hatching and rearing of gharials in order to decrease the mortality rate of crocodiles. Under Gharial Rehabilitation Project, about 200 gharials were sheltered and consequently released in the Ramganga River in Corbett National Park. 4. GOI - UNDP Sea Turtle Project:- The Sea Turtle Project was executed by Ministry of Environment along with Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun. The Government of India- UNDP Sea Turtle Project works to

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