Tiger Hunt Story Analysis

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Sivarama’s reminisces about Jayalakshmi and her marriage with Raja Surrendar Singh, Raja Ashok’s ancestry, their submissive nature, and how they yielded to the Mughals. As a corrective step, to remove an old misunderstanding between their families, Jayalakshmi’s father Sunder Ajit Singh invites Raja Ashok for a tiger hunt. Descriptions of the tiger hunt and Siva’s meditation occur in parallel vein. There is a description of Jaya’s ill health and hospitalization in London Bridge Hospital. While Dr. Hutchinson examines Jaya; Siva and Raja Ashok talk on diverse topics such as Nehru, Jahanara, Jews, Pandavas, and Kauravas. The tiger hunt story is resumed again and mixed with the thought flow of Sivarama. The action of the novel is transferred to the London hospital, the talk of tumour in Jaya’s brain and Siva’s reflections on Freud, Jung, Buddhism, Schopenhauer etc. become the course of the novel then. Jaya and Siva, now alone in hospital, profess love to each other. They talk about Buddha. With the help of flashback, Siva’s second visit to Surrendar and Jaya is reproduced. Siva talks of the women and their place in the state of Bengal, and the spiritual role of the South India. On his return from the hospital Siva gets psychologically disturbed, he wants to wander at night and meditate on God. At this juncture Sivarama falls ill, but examining him Jean-Pierre finds his disease imaginary. Thus Raja Rao presents a surprise here – the transfer of one person’s suffering to another

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