Tiger Moms Is Tough Parenting Style Analysis

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Education Parenting Style Cheney Yang Jundong To be honest,I hated the tiger mother’s approach in my childhood but when I grew up gradually, I appreciated the tiger mother's approach, because I know that everything they do is for the sake of their children. In the story “ Two Kinds” by Amy Tan and in the story “ Tiger Moms: Is Tough Parenting Really the Answering?” by Annie Murphy Paul. Both tiger mother forced their children to learn lots of different courses and hoped them to have a wonderful achievement in the future, yet differ is they use different ways to solve the relationship of educating between parents and children. When I was young, my parents always command me to learn some lessons which makes me awful, but now I understand what they hope and what the want. For this reason in the story“ Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, Amy’s mom forced Amy to learn lots of…show more content…
The writer states,“ And then one day my mother was watching the Ed Sullivan Show on TV. She seemed entrance by the music, a frenzied little piano piece with a mesmerizing quality. She was proudly modest, like a proper Chinese Child. And she also didi a fancy sweep of a curtsy, so that the fluffy skirt of her white dress cascaded to the floor like petals of a large carnation.” The quote means, Amy’s mom hoped one day she want to see her daughter can stand on TV, and Amy’s mom forced her to study piano lesson, actually Amy’s family is not very rich, but Amy’s mom uses lots of money still tries to give her better lives, because Amy’s mom thinks everyone could be anything to be, she put all of energy on her. Similarly, in the story “Tiger’s Moms” by Annie Murphy Paul. Tiger
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