Tiger Sharks Research Paper

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Sharks are enormous mammals that live within the deep ocean waters all over the world. There are several different sharks in many parts of the world depending on temperature, seasons, food and more. Every shark is unique in their own way and every species is unique as well. Although humans view them as vicious creatures that are out to harm us while we are at the beach on a sunny Sunday, these creatures are just trying to live like any other animal in this planet. They each have different defense mechanisms, and physical features that all them to live and continue reproducing. For example, sharks have different type of dorsal fins, teeth, hunting strategies, movement patters, and mating techniques. All of this is important to the survival…show more content…
They have a wide variety of preys, however they prefer to prey on stingrays (Strong, 1990). Their denticles are used to prey on the stingrays in order to facilitate their feeding. These denticles are used more as teeth than fish scales of how sharp and dangerous they are. They also prey on invertebrates, small boney fish, and other sharks as well. They travel throughout the coastal semi ocean (Carlson, 2002). Tiger sharks and Hammerhead Sharks have distinct tooth morphology apart from other body features. Their tooth morphology differentiates their eating habits and patters, as well as distinguishing each shark from each other. Although the teeth of these two sharks are similar, their eating habits and patters do differentiate. The Tiger Shark has sharp and serrated teeth. This means that that when looking at a shark tooth, their tooth is not only a triangular shape but along the sides they have some sort of ridges. This is the serrated area where its little pointy edges across the tooth in order for them to be more useful in the sense of being sharp to catch their prey (National Geographic, n.d.). Their teeth are about 10 millimeters in length in order for them to be efficient for preying (Ebert, n.d.). Tiger Shark’s teeth are able to crack shell of animals such as crabs. This demonstrates how strong and sharp they are that they can go through hard surfaces. Also, as previously mentioned, they are able to eat other sharks as well. This demonstrates that they are strong teeth and able to support a lot of pressure such as when devouring another shark (National Geopgraphic,

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