Tiger Woods Apology Speech Analysis

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On February 19, 2010 Tiger woods, a well-known golfer, took to the stand in front of a small group of family members, cameras, and media personalities. The subject of the press conference was to apologize for the cheating spree that he went on while married to Elin Nordegren. Woods took to the stand bearing multiple pieces of paper which he read directly from. During the speech he carried no pity for himself but at the same time asked the media to respect his privacy and allow him to make the changes needed in his life. From that moment on, the criticism, mockery, and foolish jokes began to surround Woods and his family.
Tiger Woods’ apology can be seen by many as an acceptable one due to the “well thought-out” script. But most see flaws in
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It is an apology to his wife, children, and fans. An apology can be described as an acknowledgement of regret that someone makes after a failure or wrongdoing. During an apology, there is usually a great deal of blame, sorrow, and praise that is given. While he was addressing the situation, Woods did a great deal of blaming, and it was all on himself. He did not try to force the blame onto someone who was innocent, he used phrases such as, “What I did is not acceptable.” and “I am the only person to blame.” There was also a great deal of sorrow that was spilled. When talking about the effect the situation had on his wife, Woods mentioned, “Ellie and I have begun discussing the damage caused by my behavior.” It is very hard for someone to damage a relationship and then recover and make things right again. The praise that Woods was giving out was not praise that you dish out after an accomplishment. This praise was for future successes. Woods repeatedly stated that he was receiving professional help to better him as a man and husband. Allowing yourself to seek the help that will guide you down the right path is a major key is gaining praise. He also stated that he hopes that everyone can forgive him in the future and allow him to show that he is a good

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