Tiger Woods Compare And Contrast

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I can't call myself Tiger Woods, I can't say that we are the exact same, nor can I say we are completely different. Everyone has a number of similarities and differences. Between Tiger, and myself I can see mostly differences. He plays golf as a job while I golf for fun, he plays golf to fulfil his father's dreams and make his family proud and I play golf as a socializing opportunity, Tiger Woods plays golf because he is looked up to by many golfers and I look up to him. Tiger Woods is one of the most successful athletes in the world. he has won many tournaments and awards varying from The Masters to Rookie of the Year. And when you win as much as he does, he also gets paid a lot of money. Tiger Woods uses golf as his income. Since his rookie year in the 90's, Tiger has accumulated $1.3 billion dollars in his career as a golfer and over $150 million he has earned on the golf course alone. The rest of his money would come from…show more content…
He is looked up to by many children, teens, and young adults of any race or ethnicity. He has impacted many lives by all of the positive advice he has given, he has taught people how to always keep a positive mindset no matter what, even in the darkest times. When his father died, his girlfriend of six years had also broken up with him around the same time. Instead of getting down, he showed that being focused, and having a positive mindset, you can accomplish anything. He later went on to win 9 tournaments that season, which is the second most in the PGA. I can't call myself a role model in the sport of golf, especially when my role model is Tiger Woods. Another thing I can contrast about us is he is a role model to many, and I am not. I don't see myself being a role model in the sport of golf because I am still working on getting recognised. I had won teammate of the year in 2015, not just in golf, but for all athletics at Clackamas High School. I was a role model teammate, but not a role model
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