Tiger Woods: My Family Life

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Family life- My family life is great right now. I have three great sons that are doing well in school and life. I also have one daughter and a beautiful wife that I have been married to for sixteen years now. My parents are getting around very well for there age and in great shape. I am very proud of all of my family and extended family and proud to have them in my bloodline.

His greatest fear- My greatest fear in golf is Tiger Woods coming on strong taking some championship wins. But I believe he will not be too much of a threat to me because I believe it will take a very good golfer to beat that record. I 'm not saying Tiger Woods is not a great golfer but I believe he is not great enough to beat that record. He is a big sensation now but I think he will pass and someone new will com on and be the new title of golf. This is why I think Tiger Woods is the biggest threat to my golfing career.

Describe your attitude towards your society- I believe that I am on another level than everyone in my golfing society. I believe I will always be ahead of them through all my years of playing. I believe they need to watch out because I am coming for that win in every tournament I play in. I do not accept anything but wins if I don 't come out on top I just need to put in the extra hours to become the best possible I can be. Finally I believe that I am on another level than all of my golfing society and will stay on top.

Describe your mentor- My mentor is my father Charlie

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