How Tiger Woods Changed Forever

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The year that Tiger Woods turned pro is the year that the game of golf changed forever. The tournaments, the achievements, and the impact that he had on golf show what he did and how nobody is and will ever come close to doing that. Without Woods doing what he did and what he is still doing make the game of golf one of the most popular sports in the world. The professionals of sports and people around the world talk about how Tiger changed his life, golf and the world while doing it. He shaped, helped, and even changed people’s lives with his talent. In the year of 2000, Tiger became the first player ever to win four majors in a row. It was so unbelievable that people now call it the “Tiger Slam.” Many argue about what bad things Tiger brought…show more content…
Hank Aaron talked with Terence Moore for an article and he went on to say “As great as Jim Brown was, and as great as Michael Jordan was, and as great as anybody you 'd want to keep mentioning, I don 't know of anybody who was as great at his sport as this man is now (Moore).” Having a hall of famer like him breaking tons of records for his sport and even comparing him to the greatest basketball player ever says a lot about Tiger. The way golf ratings shot up the year he came to golf was unbelievable. Without him coming to this sport in 1998, it would still be the same boring sport it was a hundred years ago. When he started to play golf at a very young age, people knew that he was good. He was on the Mike Douglas show at the age of two for his golf skills. His dad knew that he would become the best in the world and change the game…show more content…
It’s the oldest of the four major championship tournaments played in the game of golf (Herrington). It is also known as the Open Championship in the present terms. The United States Golf Association (USGA) was established in 1894 to regulate the game of golf in the United States and Mexico. The USGA also manages the handicap system and conducts research regarding the grass. The first monthly magazine, Golf, was published in the United States in 1897. The other major championships in golf are the Masters, which is played in Augusta in which the winner gets a green jacket. Having a green jacket is like an NBA championship in basketball and a world series ring in baseball. The US Open is another major championship that golfers dream to win. The PGA Championship is the last of the four major tournaments. By winning just one of these tournaments in a golfer’s career can change their life forever. A golfer can barely win one of these in a couple years time, but Tiger won all four of these majors in a row. The year of 2000 when he became the only golfer to ever accomplish this is the day golf became famous. By Tiger setting the goal very high for other golfers around the world and even in the United States, make the competitors try even harder. The many golfers that have ever played and that are still playing today always talk about Tiger’s past or even how he is on the comeback this

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