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Should There Be Tighter Gun Restrictions in America ? On the twentieth of December, 2012 twenty-six people were shot dead and only two others injured. The gruesome attack occurred in the morning at sandy hook elementary school in Connecticut the perpetrator Adam Lanzo begin this horrific attack by shooting his mother at 9:30am he then took his mother’s rifle and drove to the nearby elementary school where he then began to open fire on first grade students aged just six to seven and shooting any staff members that got in his way. This resulted in the deaths of twenty children and the deaths of six teachers. This incident was the deadliest school shooting in U.S history and the second-deadliest mass shooting by a single person in U.S history.…show more content…
I can see no validity in this argument as yes I agree that people kill people not guns however what I believe is that these weapons are too easily accessible and in some states can be purchased without any form of license. So yes guns don’t kill people. But the small percentage of people who wish to carry out these atrocities can make these purchases of so easily and without any hindrance is simply terrifying. Also the ammunition of these weapons are just as easy to obtain than the weapons themselves, In that ammunition can be purchased online. However those in favour of tighter gun restrictions believe that “The Constitution of the United States Really needs to be edited” I too concur because the Second amendment states “The right to keep and bear arms” this supporting the natural rights of self defence however if this amendment is in place for peoples safety then how is it possible to identify those who keep arms for protection and those who wish to carry out murder. I can strongly say that it is impossible to separate these two group as how can we prove who bear arms for defence and those who bear arms for offence. This is why America has a police force, to be there for those in need of help. So I say this amendment needs to…show more content…
Recent research indicates that gun inuries cost the American tax payer somewhere on the region of thirteen million dollars each day. This has a direct affect on the health care budget as it isn’t just the treatment of the injurie there is also things like aftercare such as trauma councling, physical therapy and thing like long term chronic pain which requires the victim to take daily medication. And then theres legal fees for example the aurora movie theatre killer’s legal proceedings reach almost six million dollars before the trial even got underway. After sentencing keeping individals charged with gun related crimes costs more than five billion dollars annually. This is the largest expense incurred by gun violence. In total American tax payers are paying twohundred and twenty nine billion annualy just to pay for gun violence related costs. This as you can imagine this has severe implications on the countrys economie, America is already sruggling with poverty and people out of work on a massive scale and the money that is being drawn from tax to pay for gun related incidents would be better spent on the sixteen percent of Americans living in

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