Tikki Bravery

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“Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.”
-Omar N. Bradley. Comparable to Rikki Tikki, you need to have bravery to do something for the ones you care for. The theme of the fictional story Rikki-tikki-tavi by Rudyard Kipling is strong companionship can give you the courage to do anything for the ones you love.
Rikki Tikki is a courageous character in this story. For example, it is impossible for a mongoose to stay frightened for any length of time (para 24). This shows Rikki Tikki has lots of courage in almost anything that is important. He cannot be frightened. This means he has the courage he needs to be brave. Also, Rikki-tikki felt his eyes growing red and hot (when a mongoose’s eyes grow red, he is angry),
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As proof, Rikki Tikki jumps out of the way of her when she tries to sneak up on him from behind (para 29). Of course, Nagaina thought she had caught him, because she thinks she is all that. This trait is different than Rikki Tikki because Rikki Tikki is pretty humble, even though he does amazing things. Secondly, “We are king and queen of the garden; and remember that as soon as our eggs in the melon bed hatch (as they may tomorrow), our children will need room and quiet.” (para 51). This shows that Nagaina thinks that they need to whole garden to themselves. She is being arrogant because she constantly has a sense of self-importance. To sum up, Nagaina is arrogant, so she wants the garden to her and her children only, unlike Rikki, who is trying to help his new family stay where they…show more content…
In one case, She fluttered in front of Nagaina by the rubbish heap and cried out, “Oh, my wing is broken! The boy in the house threw a stone at me and broke it.” Then she fluttered more desperately than ever (para 75). This shows how Darzee’s wife is pretending to be hurt, so she can distract Nagaina from her eggs. Darzee’s wife has developed a companionship with Rikki Tikki, so she wants to help him even though it puts her in danger. Plus, as he held, he closed his jaws tighter and tighter, for he made sure he would be banged to death, and for the honor of his family, he preferred to be found with his teeth locked. (para 58). This implies that Rikki Tikki wants to honor his family. He has the courage to try to do something incredibly dangerous to protect Teddy and his family. Finally, Kipling uses anthropomorphism to show that with courage you can do practically anything for your loved ones.
With courage and lots of companionship, you can do anything to protect your companions. In conclusion, Rikki Tikki is courageous, humble, and brave. Nagaina is arrogant and has lots of self importance. Anthropomorphism is used to show that with courage you can do whatever you need to protect the ones you care about. Even in real life you can use your courage to protect your loved ones from physical or emotional
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