Tikki Monologue Analysis

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What motivates our characters to undertake a mission? What drove them to do what they did? They all had to have a reason to why they did what they did, but why. That is the question we all ask ourselves why did they do that? What are they thinking? They are so dumb, why did they do that do they even have a head? There are many more but the people all have a motive to why they did what they did. Let’s take Rikki Tikki Tavi for instance, he had to have a reason to kill three snakes but why you ask. All three snakes were going to kill his new family and probably all of the other animals in the garden. To Rikki it was like a mission to kill them or they would kill him. Rikki had to save his family and friend from great danger. Even though they just met about a couple of days ago Rikki felt as if he had found a new family.…show more content…
She was married until she told her husband, her dissatisfaction with marriage and he conceded that he too found it less than he expected. So he took enough money to make it to Oklahoma and become a minister, but what he didn’t say was that he knew a minister who he could study with and an unmarried daughter. Then after he left there was Annie with two beautiful children whom she didn’t want to leave just to become a maid or a servant, so she decided that she would change directions. The next morning she got up early and started making meat pies. Once she had made them, she went to the cotton gin where she would sell the pies for 5 cents each. Every day she did that to make some money later she made herself a little store that would a whole bunch of goodies. As you can see in these examples, each character has an explanation to why they did things. For instance Rikki killed 3 snake why, to protect his friends and family. Annie Johnson made herself from a person with nothing to a person with everything she
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