Tikki Tavi Character Analysis Essay

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The story of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi written by Rudyard Kipling has many interesting characters.One of them is Nagaina, Nag’s wife. After Rikki-Tikki kills Nag, Nagaina wants to end Rikki-Tikki. In this story, Nagaina proves she is cruel, powerful, and violent. In this story, Nagaina proves herself to be cruel later in the story when she threatens to kill Rikki-Tikki after the death of Nag. “Oh foolish people who killed my Nag” (24). When Rikki-Tikki and Nagina fight, Nagaina thinks she must win for Nag. “If you move, I strike, If you do not move, I strike” (25). In the end of the fight with Rikki-Tikki, Nagaina, still proving herself to be cruel, goes down into her snake hole, thinking that a fight down there would be easier for her and more challenging for Rikki-Tikki.…show more content…
“Nagaina gathered herself together and flung out at him“(27). Rikki-Tikki fears Nagaina. “Now I have Nagaina to settle with, and she will be worse than 5 Nags”(23). Nagaina knows how powerful she has become. She was not frightened, she was ready. Nagaina knew she had to kill Rikki-Tikki, to save her egg. “Nagaina spun clear round, forgetting everything for the sake of the one egg…”(25). Also Nagiana demonstrated how violent she was. She was so ready to kill Rikki-Tikki. She had to, for Nag, and for her eggs. When she went down into the snake hole, and Rikki-Tikki followed, everyone was sure Nagaina was going to kill him. “For Nagaina will surely kill him underground” (27). Then, there came Rikki-Tikki. He was alive and Nagaina was not. Nagaina definitley proved herself to be cruel, powerful, and violent in this short story. Nagaina was a hard worker. She really wanted Rikki-Tikki dead. She wanted to save her eggs. She tried, but she didn’t succeed. She also proved she was couragous. She showed us how brave she was. Everyone was happy when Rikki-Tikki came out of the hole and she
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