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Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is a brave hero in the story by Rudyard Kipling that is smaller than other people and animals but he’s not any different. Rikki is as curious as any other animal and he fights for other people that can’t and when he first got flooded away by a flood and moved away from his family he was wet and he had nowhere to go but a british family helped him. He liked to wander around and go smell the roses and sleep and eat he didn’t want to eat to much so he wouldn’t be so slow so when they gave him a raw piece of meat

Rikki Tikki is the animal of the story he is the brave animal in this story and he first washed up from a flood and a English family helped him. When he was all better after almost drowning in a huge flood Teddy “the little boy”. Rikki is a true mongoose and a quote that he lives by “(18) go find out”. Rikki went wandering through the garden of the great bungalow and he heard slithering of a snake and popped out two snakes and one said, “I am Nag look and be afraid”.
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Nag was frightened that somebody stood up to him and ran away as Rikki was chasing and somebody else came up he saw somebody another snake and as it rose higher and higher the snake said” I am Nagaina fear

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