Till We Have Faces Psyche Character Analysis Essay

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A hero is one who performs tasks selflessly, is kind, and has courage. Nearly every work of literature has a hero, and the novel Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis is no exception. The heroine of the novel is Psyche because she is selfless, kind, and courageous. Psyche performs her deeds selflessly, always thinking of how her deeds could affect others, particularly Orual. When Psyche is called “Accursed” by the villagers, Orual proclaims that she will confront her father about the matter. Psyche prioritizes Orual’s physical well-being and stops her, murmuring, “Hush, sister, hush…I can’t bear it when he hurts you” (40). Psyche protects Orual with no regard to the circumstances. When she is faced with the challenge of protecting Orual from King…show more content…
As the fever ravages Glome, the Fox is taken ill and Psyche nurses him back to health. "It was Psyche who nursed the Fox, however often forbidden. She would fight, yes, and bite, any who stood between her and his door…” (30). Psyche’s nursing the Fox back to health is a task she takes seriously and does out of the kindness of her own heart. This kindness is real kindness that stems from Psyche’s selflessness, adding to her heroic personality. After Psyche confesses that she welcomes death, Orual becomes bitter. Psyche offers advice to Orual, suggesting, “Do not let grief shut up your ears and harden your heart” (75). Psyche’s advice is kind and benefits Orual. Psyche could simply ignore Orual’s feelings in favor of her own, but instead she comforts Orual. As Orual and Psyche meet for the first time on the mountain, Psyche offers Orual wine in an extravagant cup, but Orual only sees Psyche’s hands cupped around the drink. Orual, believing Psyche is pretending, asks for the cup, proclaiming, “It is the cup I love best in the world.” Psyche, like a good hostess, responds, “Then it's yours, Sister.” (104). Although Orual asks for the cup in jest, Psyche gives her what she asks for without hesitation. The kindness with which Psyche gives the cup permeates her whole personality, which defines her as a
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