How Did Tim Burton Influence His Films

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The greatest directors always have some type of style or theme that the audience recognizes. One of these great directors is Tim Burton. Tim Burton’s films usually focus on outsiders who basically are trying to fit in the crazy world around them. Tim Burton’s films were influenced by Edgar Allen Poe, Dr. Seuss, and Walt Disney, his films are characterized by terrorizing and dark. You can clearly see things in his films Edward Scissor Hands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice and Wonderland, that these outsiders are scared of change. He uses cinematic techniques such as close up camera movements to show emotion and to display facial expressions of the characters, using non- diegetic sound to make the films seem like everything isn’t as it seems, and lastly, he uses flashback and lighting to establish mood.

In many of Tim Burton’s films, he uses close-up shots to display facial expressions of the characters. He mostly used close-up shots in his personal film,
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Like in his film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the trucks were being loaded with boxes and everything was grey except the trucks. Also, when the winners were about to enter the Factory and the factory was grey on the outside but when you walked in it was colorful. Another one of his films that used low lighting was Edward Scissorhands when the castle was grey and dark, but the other houses were colorful and bright. In Alice and Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts castle was grey and scary on the outside, but her soldiers were bright red and the good queen’s castle was white. There were not only lighting techniques though, there were a lot of flashbacks. Like in Edward Scissorhands when he flashed back to the parts of him being made. In Alice and Wonderland, the Mad Hater flashed back to when his town was being blown up. Also, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka flashed back to when he was a
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