Tim Burton Camera Angles Analysis

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Dark, foreboding alleyways, creepy villains, and sinister music are all things one would expect to find in a Tim Burton film. But do you know why? Every aspect of his films are carefully thought out to give off a specific effect. One example of this is how Burton uses camera angles and lightings to create an ominous and lonely mood in his films, because he wants his audience to connect with the strange, or “different” characters. Burton uses a variety of different camera angles in his films to get his point across. In Corpse Bride, he uses low angles in order to give scenes an eerie, ominous mood. For example, when Victor is first going up to the Everglot’s house, the low angle is used to make the house seem very large and foreboding. This causes the audience to automatically register the Everglots with fear and…show more content…
For example, in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Burton uses side lighting on the spies meeting about his factory to show them as evil and calculating. He does this in order to have the audience mistrust and dislike the spies as Wonka does, forming a connection between their emotions. Burton also uses low lighting in his films to manipulate the audience’s perspective. In Edward Scissorhands, Edward’s flashbacks all have low key lighting to make them seem melancholy and slightly sinister. Burton uses these flashbacks to have the audience understand why Edward acts certain ways or does certain things, relating his current life to what had happened to him in the past. Burton also uses low lighting in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in scenes of Charlie’s house. This is to have the audience feel the gloom and dejection of the impoverished family and feel sorry for them. By using specific lighting techniques, Burton is able to pinpoint exactly how he wants a scene to look and feel to the
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