Tim Burton Film Techniques Essay

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“I never really got nightmares from movies. I was much more terrified by my own family and real life, you know?”- said Tim Burton. In this quote, Burton essentially means that the real monsters in this world are the normal people, and the truly good people are the misunderstood people. Usually the misunderstood people are the ones get the title of being evil, even though they’re the complete opposite on the inside. Since Burton has a different perspective on evil people, it causes most of his films to have a dark and gothic style. As a matter of fact, Burton uses a variety of different stylistic techniques in his movies to portray the mood of his films. Generally, he uses camera angles, lighting, costume, music, flashbacks, and setting.…show more content…
One of the most important techniques used in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is the type of costumes the characters wear. For example, Charlie and his family wear raggedy and dirty clothes, while Willy Wonka wears sophisticated clothes. For instance, Wonka wears clothes like a vest, bow tie, and a top hat. As a result the audience is able to see the size in character between Willy Wonka and Charlie. On the other hand, in Edward Scissorhands, Edward’s costume is ironic. His costume is ironic because he wears a dark, gothic leather suit, which makes him seem like the antagonist in the movie, but really he’s innocent and kind. In both movies flashbacks are used throughout the films. For example, one of the flashbacks in Edward Scissorhands was when Edward’s inventor gifted him with hands, but he died shortly after. That flashback formed a sorrowful mood because the inventor died when he was about to complete Edward, all he had to do was add the hands. On the other hand, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a flashback occurs to Willy Wonka when someone questions him about his father. Instantly, Willy Wonka remembers all the emotion damage his father caused him, since he wasn’t allowed to eat candy. Burton adds these flashbacks in his films so the audience can understand how the characters came to
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