Tim Burton Film Techniques

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Tim Burton Essay So you’re going to the store to get some stuff but on your way home there was a dog in the middle of the road so you swerve out of the way and crash into the river. Next thing you know you wake up thinking it was a dream just to find out your dead. You’re trying to get used to it but then people come into the house. Just like in Tim Burton’s movie Beatlejuice. Beatlejuice along with other films are mainly gloomy storylines with low key lighting and dark colors but he turns them into enjoyable movies for kids and adults to watch. Tim Burton uses lighting and colors to convey dark, mysterious style like in his films Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, and Beatlejuice. Tim Burton uses colors to show how different people are and how different the situation is in a scene. This occurs in Edward Scissorhands with the people’s outfits and Edwards. Example Edward wears an all-black suit that looks similar to a strait jacket. While the people wear bright colorful outfits. Edward’s and the people’s outfits are different to show that Edward comes from a different place and that he is sad and dark. While the people are happy and don’t have anything to worry about. Also in Tim Burton’s movie Corpse Bride he uses low key lighting to show the scene’s intensity and how to feel during the scene. Like when…show more content…
Like in his movie Beatlejuice he uses close ups when Barbra and her husband got taken out of the ghost world and put back into the human world but they were dying and it showed a close up on their faces when they were dying and turning really old. Another example is from his movie Edward Scissorhands when Edward was tricked into breaking into Jim’s house and the alarm goes off and he gets locked into a room it zooms in on Edward’s face to show that he is scared and terrified. Close ups make sure that the audience know the intensity of the scene and is knowing of how the character
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