Mars Attack Movie Analysis

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This is one of the most outrageous movies on the filmography of Tim Burton. Probably he hasn't produced a movie so strange since his debut, still this one of those pieces in his repertoire that don't fit in. Still, as wacky as it is "Mars Attack!" is an interesting comedy and a critic of the world at times of crisis. President James Dale of the United States and his right-hand man, Jerry Ross discover that an army of Martian UFOs are hovering around the Earth, and everyone has a different response. Some, like Texan alcohol dealer Art Land and slimy newsman Jason Black, just want to make a profit out of it. Others, such as TV hostess Nathalie Lake, Land's spiritualist wife Barbara, and the Southern-like Norris family, are excited, and some,…show more content…
This role helps him diversify his portfolio of movies as at the time he was only getting action movie role. There was nothing bad with that, but with this film we learn that he was able to do something else in another genre. Actually, he is not that bad doing comedy and this movie helping the audience see the other ranges of Brosnan. He has a small participation, but his chemistry with Sarah Jessica Parker is good in this movie.

Michael J. Fox (Jason Stone) this was his last film before getting his prognosis of Parkinson. Still, he does his few scenes memorable. He as most of the other actors have a small part and is diluted within the plot that has so many arcs that you can be lost trying to follow all the characters. J. Fox does an okay job considering that his character lacks an interesting role within the main plot still he has a great appearance almost cameo in this project.

Watch this movie if you like other projects from Tim Burton. If you are a fan B film then you can appreciate this movie as the movie has a feeling of a low budget film. it is not the best job from Burton, but I do have to say is one of his most ambitious projects as it involves so many locations and stories connected together. A good experiment for the
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