Tim Burton Research Paper

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In a very far away land, lived a man, a man with a very different life compared to you or me. He doesn’t know right from wrong. He sits by himself all alone, wondering what his purpose in life is. He’s always wondered what’s going on in the town below him. One day something very scary happened, a visitor came. He doesn’t know what to once he was exposed to the town. This is very usual in Tim Burton’s films. Tim Burton’s eerie style is best conveyed through his use of pan, establishing shot, and front/back lighting. Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands, uses pan to reveal the setting. For example when Peg walked in the mansion, Tim Burton used pan to show the setting. So we know where this is going to take place. Also…show more content…
For example when Edward was locked in Jim’s Dad’s money room. That showed how big and important the room was. Burton uses an establishing shot to show a setting and to show how important it is. This was shown after Edward was tricked into opening up the door. The establishing shot camera was shown from above. Tim Burton also uses establishing shot in Willie Wonka. He used this to show the setting and to show the audience what was there. Tim Burton uses the establishing shot to show the setting and to create an eerie feeling through the establishing shot. He also uses this to shown transitions between locations. Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands, uses, front/back lighting to show characters emotions. For example when Edward is holding Kim, a front/back lighting on Edwards face is shown to show that he is sacred and doesn’t know what to do. This is after Edward run’s away and then comes back home to find Kim. Where then they would hug and then Kim would lay in Edward’s arms. In addition to this it was also shown in Willie Wonka. Wonka was used and it showed he was a very eerie character. Tim Burton uses front/back lighting to reveal characters emotions and to show what they are
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