Tim Burton Style

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Dark and colorful, deep and intriguing, Tim Burton’s style is a mixture of everything.What looks like a happy and cheerful scenario always turns into a horrifying twist. Edward Scissorhands is a perfect example. A cookie cutter neighborhood with stereotypical people but a dark story behind them. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had twisted and snotty kids that are undeserving of their Golden Tickets, then end up getting what they deserve.The style Burton uses isn’t like the usual “happily ever after” story. He gives a deeper meaning to his stories with his use of creative costuming, intriguing lighting, interesting editing, and camera angles.Without them , Burton’s stories would not be as appealing to people. Body#1 Tim Burton’s style in costuming is expressed in a unique and divergent way. For example, In Tim Burton’s film, “Edward Scissorhands”, the costuming was a little oddball and they were dressed as stereotypes. The characters in this movie were dressed in amusing clothing. On the other hand in his movie, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, the characters were a little bit more routined and put together. For…show more content…
The difference between the movies are that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s lighting changes from time to time. The lighting changes depending on the scene it’s on. When the character’s are outside the lighting is very bright and sunny. Then when the character’s get a flashback, the lighting would get a futuristic, white tone to the scene. When they were indoors the lighting was very dim. On the other hand Edward Scissorhands the lighting would rarely change. The reason for this is because the movie was more mysterious and dark. In the beginning the lighting was dark and scary. When they were outdoors the lighting was not as bright, like in Willy Wonka. Throughout the movie the lighting was very dim and not so
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