Everyday Life Reflected In Tim Burton's Film

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“One person 's craziness is another person 's reality.”(Tim Burton). Burton is very imaginative, some might say that he is crazy. However, for him it is his everyday life, his reality. When watching his films, people will always be able to notice them, this is because he has a very distinct style. Tim burton is notorious for his grisly twist and fairy tale feel.
Burton can change how you feel while watching his films. For instance, a close up, he uses for making it feel more personal and emphasize specific aspects. For example, Edward Scissorhands, at the picnic when Edward was getting fed by the women of the town. Burton had chose to get a close up to make the audience feel uncomfortable and get an insight of the town and their personality.
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He does this by angles, such as high angel. For example, Edward Scissorhands, when Edward is cutting the ice sculpture for the christmas party. When using the high angle, Edward is up high and Kim is down below. Using this angel creates feel of that they are alone, this is also when Kim realizes that she has a real love for him. The scene shows that in the moment feel from the characters. As well as the fairy tale feel as when you kiss someone for the first time, and the characters are the only ones in the room. Also, Big Fish, when Edward’s was sick in bed. Burton uses the high angel to make Edward feel vulnerable, and his son to look stronger than his father. Edward is dying in bed and as the actor is much larger than the actor who plays Edward 's son, there needed a way to make him looks sick other than make-up. Therefore, the angels come into play, as well as the surroundings. With a high angel, his son standing up, and laying in a larger bed, Edward looks weak. As another example, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when the people who won the golden ticket are walking into the gate of the factory. In this case, Burton wanted to make the winners look smaller and the factory look ginormous. He was giving a hint that the factory is huge, and the tour of factory will take long, however, with several interesting stops. In this movie, Burton had given his style a push,…show more content…
For instance, Nightmare Before Christmas, when Sally was looking at Jack in the graveyard. Burton used backlighting to make sally seem as if she was in love, and that they were the only ones in the room. The backlighting shows that she is there and that Jack does not know that hse is there, but feels something that he does not know. This ties into the fairy tales where they are the only ones in the room, or when a girl feels as if she is not good enough, for she sneaks around, however, he knows that he feel her but doesn’t know that he does in that moment. It also ties into the twist, Nightmare Before Christmas is a dark movie, however happy. Backlighting is usually associated with low level light. As another example, Big Fish, where Sandra was leaning over Edward in the field of Daffodils. Burton used backlighting to create the look of a goddess, for she was to Edward. In that moment in time, was when Edward had finally won Sandra over from her fiance. The time where it seemed as if they were not in reality but in a fairy tale. All together, Burton uses the backlight to show a feeling that can’t be explained and shows something important in order to feel the emotion.
In conclusion, Tim Burton uses multiple cinematic techniques to convey his style of a fairy tale appeal with a dark twist. Even though that Burton has a twisted mind,
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