Tim Burton: The Reality Of Tim Burton's Reality

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“One person 's craziness is another person 's reality.”(Tim Burton). Burton is very imaginative, some might say that he is crazy. However, for him it is his everyday life, his reality. When watching his films, people will always be able to notice them, this is because he has a very distinct style. Tim burton is notorious for his grisly twist and fairy tale feel. Burton can change how you feel while watching his films. For instance, a close up, he uses for making it feel more personal and emphasize specific aspects. For example, Edward Scissorhands, at the picnic when Edward was getting fed by the women of the town. Burton had chose to get a close up to make the audience feel uncomfortable and get an insight of the town and their personality. This gives the scene a fairy tale feel of the people in the town. The people seem to be perfect, but somewhat odd. Such as in a fairy tale, from the outside its picture perfect, however, the inside its unwanted. Another example, Nightmare Before Christmas, when introducing the characters. Burton had done close ups at the beginning to introduce the characters, while the famous song “This is Halloween” playing in the background. Getting close to the terrifying characters had given dark twist a Tim Burton film has. The scene had made the audience feel uncomfortable but intrigued, as any film of his does. It is his way of directing. Finally, Big Fish, when Jenny tries and kisses Edward. When doing the scene, Burton diced to make it a close

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