Tim Burton's Appearance In Edward Scissorhands

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First impressions are immediately based off of outer appearance, which causes some people to have false thoughts about who others truly are. Tim Burton is someone who embraces people who look different. In Films such as Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland, he has exaggerated characters who challenge the norm of society. Burton’s characters are judged by their outer appearances and have labels put on them. Tim Burton uses drastic makeup, contrast, and lighting to prove that things are not always as they seem. Tim Burton uses drastic makeup to make the characters stand out from the crowd, which makes them an outsider to everyone else. In Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton makes Edward, the protagonist, look very dark and mysterious. Kim, Edward’s love interest, has a negative initial reaction to Edward because of his appearance. His appearance makes him look as if he is a monster, but Kim later figures out that he is very sweet, loving, and nowhere near what she thought he was like. Edward was a prime example on how appearance has no effect on who someone is on the inside. Although Edward had the looks of something disastrous, he showed that his appearance was just a false front that was judged too quickly. Burton utilizes contrasting colors to attract attention to…show more content…
For instance, In Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton uses low key lighting to give the mansion a creepy and dark feel. In the movie, most of the neighborhood residents are scared of the mansion, and even make rumors that it is haunted. They are given this illusion because the mansion looks dark, but instead it has a beautiful garden past the gates. Another example of this is Edward. Edward comes from the dark and creepy mansion so they assume that he is a dark person when truly he is not. The house and Edward were portrayed as something else but past their exterior, they were really something
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