Tim Burton's Film Analysis: Charlie And The Corpse Bride

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In today’s film industry, we see many great cinematic pieces that captivate viewers and critics alike. But past these brilliant screenplay writers and directors, we can see their inspirations of the many great directors and writers before them, one of which is Tim Burton who had the most astounding and indescribable effect on viewers. Tim Burton uses music, lighting and camera angles to exaggerate the huge differences between characters setting and mood. From Charlie and The Chocolate factory to The Corpse Bride we can see plenty of examples of this and the clear effect they have on the viewers. Moreover, these techniques are used in about every single film by Tim Burton making his audience very distinct and very specific. Through these techniques he also create an entrancing mood which draws all viewers in and creates a clear set of characters that’s easy to follow. If we look in depth at each of the specific cinematic techniques that Tim Burton uses, we will see an even deeper and more powerful use for each individual technique. Each technique elevated the story and mood but in different parts, for example the lighting shows the clear distinction between light and dark in all of his movies. His use of music brings out a feeling in the viewer that cannot be described. last of all the camera angles make for either great suspense or a feeling where the viewer sees the beauty in a scene. But we can go even more in depth into the use of Burton’s techniques to really

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