Tim Burton's Influence On Media

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Throughout media, there are many prominent figures that have had an outstanding impact. Some of these figures affected the industry than others and have helped shape the way media is today. One notable figure in media is Tim Burton. Tim Burton is a film producer, director, animator, artist, and writer (“Tim Burton Biography”). He was born on August 25, 1958, in Burbank, California (“Burton on Burton”). As stated in his biography, he had a love for horror movies as a young child, and he developed the ability to draw. Because of this, he enrolled at the California Institute of the Arts and majored in animation (“Tim Burton Biography”). Tim grew up surrounded by many film and t.v. studios, one including Disney, where he later worked as an animator (“Burton on Burton”). It has been stated that Burton did not like being an animator at all (Collective). Shortly after, Disney recognized his great work and allowed him to strike out on his own. His drawings were never the…show more content…
His visions for film are so clear in his mind, and are even clearer when portrayed in his films. His films have influenced the new generation to be more creative in hopes to make the new filmmakers try and create something as visually entertaining and unique. He changed media for the better by his own unique creations of film, in which many people have enjoyed. He sends a message to his viewers to not judge someone by their appearance. His universe is quite appealing than scary, although he uses strange characters to get his point across. Burton does this to show some people feel outcasted but it’s okay to be different. He portrays life as a cruel but kind, funny and disturbing place. Tim Burton has had a major impact on media with his own unique tastes and his ability to stay true to himself. His films are well known to everyone, and are also very much enjoyed. As you can see, Tim Burton is a figure in the industry who have had a major impact on media
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